How do you tell a child she was born to be hurt?

Imitation of Life (1959)

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"Vulgarity begins when imagination succumbs to the explicit." -Doris Day 

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The encounter is an extraordinary sequence of physical comedy, one calamity adding to another until the finale where, in a crowed clubhouse of American sophisticates, David (in tatters) has to step so closely behind Susan to get away that he uses his top hat to mask the fact that her derriere is just silk knickers because of the rip in her dress. You need to look at this moment in calm and isolation to see that it is shockingly sexual. If it wasn’t so stupid, so screwball, the censor would have stopped it. There’s a lesson here which says you can do the most subversive things if you’re making a comedy. [x]

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Mamie Van Doren in 1954.

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"To have survived, she would have had to be either more cynical or even further from reality than she was. Instead, she was a poet on a street corner trying to recite to a crowd pulling at her clothes." - Arthur Miller

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Happy Birthday, Sharon Marie Tate | January 24, 1943

Sharon was such an amazing person, worldly but not in any negative way, she was so grounded, still seemed to show such a delight in the little things. A good waiter or waitress, a terrific sunset, ANY animal, little things never lost their magic for her. She had the world at her feet, but never lost touch with who she was, or became blase about how fortunate she had become. The superficiality of the movie world didn’t fool her one bit, she often said, ‘If I start to believe I’m as good as they keep telling me I am, I’ll get out, there’s still so much to learn.

- Claudia Cardinale

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JUMP by Philippe Halsman

Starting in the early 1950s I asked every famous or important person I photographed to jump for me.  I was motivated by a genuine curiosity.  After all, life has taught us to control and disguise our facial expressions, but it has not taught us to control our jumps.  I wanted to see famous people reveal in a jump their ambition or their lack of it, their self-importance or their insecurity, and many other traits.

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Marilyn Monroe photographed by Bert Stern

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